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Our extensive approach to cleanroom certification begins with a thorough analysis and culminates in detailed regulatory compliant documentation.

At AFM, cleanroom certification is a process.  Our first priority is to deliver accurate and timely service - from consulting, testing and balancing all the way through to independent cleanroom performance evaluations.  But to AFM, service means even more.

Our commitment is not complete until we furnish detailed, compliant documentation on the conditions existing in your cleanroom facility.  Our Certification Reports are meticulously prepared and efficiently organized - to give you easy access to the information you need for evaluation and assessment of your cleanroom facility operational parameters.

Every operational evaluation procedure we perform on your cleanroom is included in an all inclusive AFM Cleanroom Performance Evaluation Certification Project Report.  With each report, you are assured of our strict quality standards, attention to detail and accurate cleanroom performance evaluation documentation.

Each AFM Cleanroom Performance Evaluation Certification Report contains a project synopsis.  You get individual performance levels achieved...recommended corrective actions...general observations...and specific room / area findings pertinent to your facility.  Your report will always be furnished in a bound, hard copy format, but is also available electronically in an Adobe Reader format.

Advanced computer technology helps deliver precise information - in an easy-to-read format.

Our innovative reporting style incorporates Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to present test data organized clearly and concisely.  Charts and graphs illustrate the analysis of the data acquired.  With the use of software-driven data acquisition and advanced telecommunication transfers, Certification Reports are produced in a timely and efficient manner.

Formal Reports detail data on each piece of equipment tested.

Within each Certification Report, information is provided on each individual item of equipment... and include everything from general information, initial results, repairs, final data and conclusions.  Included are:

bulletProject Synopsis
bulletPerformance Test Procedure
bulletEquipment Data Summary
bulletEquipment Identification and Orientation Drawing
bulletIndividual Account for each Performance Test
bulletStatistical Analysis of Data
bulletTest Equipment Calibration Certificates
bulletProject Summary and Guarantee

On-site reporting capabilities provide you with real-time, decision-valuable information throughout the certification process.

Interaction between testing instrumentation and interfaced data collection equipment enables AFM to provide explicit test report documentation during all phases of the performance evaluation process.  At any point in the process, we can provide a preliminary report that will detail the information you need to make intelligent decisions about your cleanroom and equipment operations.

24 Hour Temperature and Humidity Survey
ID Drawing
Data Sheet & Graphs
Sound Level Test
ID Drawing
Airborne Particle Count Survey
ID Drawing
Data Sheet & Graphs

Full-Color Executive Reports are available at your request.

AFM Executive Reports document the performance evaluation of your cleanroom facility in full color with easy-to-understand illustrations, charts and graphs.  Presentation quality Executive Reports characterize and highlight the performance evaluation test data in a synopsis overview and can be customized to meet project-specific requirements.

Interpolated Airflow Image
Airflow Parallelism Test
Temperature and Relative Humidity Test
Filter Installation Leak Test

Certificate of Performance

The AFM framed Certificate of Performance is provided to display next to your cleanroom attesting to the independent cleanliness class certification of your facility.   The Certificate of Performance proudly signifies the facility cleanliness classification achieved and the date the evaluation was performed ... and is certified by AFM's Cleanroom Performance Testing Supervisors NEBB Seal.

Certificate of Performance


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