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Air Filtration Management is Proud To Offer Filter Integrity Testing Using Polystyrene Latex Spheres (PSL)

Air Filtration Management, Inc., offers cleanroom filter and cleanroom system integrity testing using polystyrene latex spheres (PSL) as a challenge medium.  The use of PSL provides a consistently controllable and repeatable means for integrity testing of cleanroom filters, their installation and method of seal.  Employing PSL as a challenge allows for either a poly-dispersed or mono-dispersed upstream challenge.  When a mono-dispersed PSL challenge is utilized, actual filter and system efficiencies can be verified during testing which has never before been available for field testing.

AFM designed and manufactured PSL Generators can be used to verify operational performance levels of a system from 200 CFM to 100,000 CFM.  The versatility of this methodology for filter leak testing permits usage for one filter during a field pre-installation bench test or in-place scan testing of hundreds of filters installed in an ISO Class 1 Cleanroom.

Most Importantly, the use of PSL during the integrity testing of cleanroom filters provides a challenge medium that is non-contaminating that offers none of the negative side effects or concerns experienced when using the atomized oils such as dioctylphthalate (DOP) and mineral oil as challenge aerosols.  Please refer to the Service Request page to request further information on this state-of-the-art technology for precision filter integrity testing.

Air Filtration Management is Proud To Offer A Computerized Robotic Filter Scanner

Air Filtration Management, Inc., offers a fully computerized robotic filter scanner for use during the performance evaluation testing and certification of HEPA/ULPA filters and cleanrooms thereby affording complete control, repeatability and accuracy during the qualification of filter integrity.

The system employs microprocessor controlled precision linear drives to provide either automatic or manual filter scanning in an X-Y direction.  Multi-directional capability allows use in either vertical or horizontal airflow configurations.

Operator definable parameters include individual filter identification, upstream particle concentration, allowable filter penetration (alarm condition), filter size, scan width, and filter scan traverse rate.

During the automatic operation, signal data from the laser based airborne particle counter is tied to the X-Y position where it is collected by the isokinetic probe.  This data is analyzed in real time to qualify the filter integrity.  Should a condition be found which exceeds allowable filter penetration, the position of the leak and probe data are pictorially displayed on the system monitor and saved on the hard drive.  Data is reported and saved accordingly to the individual filter identification number.

The manual operation mode will allow the operator to revisit  a location where an alarm condition was found during the automatic scan.  The operator can either: (1) Enter the X-Y coordinate where the leak occurred and have the system automatically drive the probe to the specified location; or (2) Randomly drive the probe to any specified location via the track-ball on the computer keyboard.

Please refer to the Service Request page to request further information on this innovative equipment for precision filter integrity testing.


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