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Air Filtration Management, Inc., is a worldwide independent, NEBB certified firm specializing in the testing, balancing,  and validation of cleanrooms, laminar flow clean benches, HEPA filters and biological safety cabinets.  Thoroughly trained and experienced field engineers conduct performance evaluations in accordance with NEBB Standards using IEST Recommended Practices, ISO International Standards, owner specifications and our own AFM Procedural Standards. 

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Our cleanroom certification program offers individualized performance evaluations tailored to each projects unique requirements including such specific services as temperature and humidity profile surveys, vibration analysis both mechanical and structural, air quality testing, and precision filter integrity testing (pre-installation bench testing or in-place scan testing) employing Polystyrene Latex Sphere (PSL) filter challenges and completely automated computerized robotic filter scanning systems.  Project reports are prepared with both field and office CAD systems accurately and promptly with the aid of interaction between testing instrumentation and interfaced data collection equipment.

Please refer to the Service Request page to request further information on our cleanroom testing and certification service.

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